Thursday, 12 September 2013

St Martin Church Cheriton Kent Monumental Inscriptions

Quested Monumental Inscriptions St Martin Church Cheriton, Kent,  England

John Egerton QUESTED born August 9 1866 died 13 June 1943 RIP 50 years
churchwarden of this parish also his only son John Bowley QUESTED MC Croix
de Guerre Sometime Major RFC & RAF Born Dec 14 1893 Died March 1948

In loving memory of Charles Robert QUESTED who died March 27 1907 aged 52
years also his children Ethel died Dec 13 1889 16 months/ Edward died March
22 1894 2 1/2 years/ Oliver Morton died 13 May 1909 aged 18 years/ Lucy
Alice died 5 May 1910 aged 22 years/ Gone but not forgotton Also his wife
Alice Morton QUESTED passed on Aug 16 1949 aged 86 years /Peace perfect

John QUESTED of Sandgate who died the 8th September 1812 aged 48 years. He
had surviving Ann his wife one son and three daughters vis John, Sarah, Mary
Ann, Phebe/ Also of Ann his wife who died 2 June 1841 aged 80 years

In loving memory of Edward QUESTED who died 21 Sept 1876 aged 34 years/ Be
thou faithful until death and I will give thee a crown of life

In loving memory of Maria wife of John TWIGGS who died at Dover 18 Aug 1896
aged 51 years (widow of the late E. QUESTED) Her gentle spirit though flown
away still hovers o'er us day by day

In loving memory of Thomas Quested who departed this life 4 Nov 1889 aged 39
years/ Released from sorrow, sin, pain and free from every care/By angels
hands to heaven conveyed/ to rest for ever there

Sacred to the memory of John Quested who departed this life Dec 1 1849 aged
69 years leaving Elizabeth his wife/ The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken
away blessed be the name of the Lord Job C1 V21 Also of the above Elizabeth/
who departed this life Nov 29 1860 aged 71 years


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  2. I have some Questeds in my tree - this seems to be the only way to contact you. Could you contact me please
    John Marsden